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Investing Your Money in the Right Penny Stocks

Have you heard a lot of good things about penny stocks that you just do not know which one to choose? Before you learn more about the best penny stocks, you have to know what they are first.

Penny stocks are basically one of the best ways for you to have an income growth. Compared with your typical stocks, with penny stocks, your price per share is very low. Simply put, penny stocks are one way of letting you invest in something without using a lot of your money. Besides, penny stocks are also common shares. This, in turn, means that they are quite easy to purchase.

Even so, how will you determine if the penny stocks are a must-buy or not? This is where this article comes in. Investing your money in the right penny stocks can be done if you know which penny stocks to watch out for. To learn more about them, be sure to read here.

One Stop Systems is currently a financially stable company that is expanding rapidly. The company has hyper-volatile shares that are just standing by at undervalued prices. This is a popular company for manufacturing and designing of computer components and systems.

Just recently, the trade value of One Stop Systems was $3.90 per share. Less than half this rate is how current trading of the company is doing.

Even if One Stop Systems is a small company, it makes $37 million and $27 million in annual revenue and market cap, respectively. On a per-day basis, 120,000 shares are being traded.

To learn more about penny stock investing in this company, you have to hire the services of a professional broker. Nonetheless, you can also use a brokerage calculator guide.

Another source of penny stocks is the biotech company called Cidara Therapeutics that focuses on the treatment of infectious diseases. Today, Cidara is working on Phase 3 clinical trial that strives to make advanced candidemia treatment options. Come the following months, momentum will be gained in the penny stocks of Cidara Therapeutics. If you want to learn more about the trial, view here.

And last, you have Axsome Therapeutics that offer promising penny stocks. It is considered as one of the best penny stocks in the industry with a growth rate of 215%.

Just recently, more than 200% of the stock was rallied. This happened when the company announced that they are now on Phase 2 of their major depressive treatment clinical trial. After the recent high, Axsome stocks have gone down by more or less 14%. For more information on these stocks, see here and learn more about them.

For new penny stockholders, though, other concerns should go straight to your broker if you want to increase your income.