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Employee Retention

A type of social entity that is composed of people with the same goal in mind is called an organization. An organization or firm is practically nothing without the single most important asset in its possession, its employees, the ones who allow the gears of the organization to turn. A collection of employees will not only make an organization, but they provide the organization a competitive edge.

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The employees can be on the higher tiers such as the likes of managers or something more humbler like foremen, but its these employees are what allows an organization have the ability to dominate other organizations. They contribute all their skills, speed, efficiency, behavior, capabilities and etc to help an organization execute any strategy required to move forward. Thus, without the support of employees be it from the lowest position to the very top, an organization equates to nothing, so it’s the best that they are held on to and taken care of.

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Employee retention literally means the company, organization, or firm’s ability to keep or retain its employees. Employee retention is not as easy as it sounds, in order to keep employee retention at a high level, certain tactics needs to be employed. What this means is that organizations need plans and proper policies to keep their employees. So in order for an organization to be able to keep its employees, it’s good to know why they would want to leave in the first place.

Reasons why an employee might want to leave:

Pay grade -One of the most apparent reasons why somebody would want to leave an organization is their salary. To earn money is the main reason why people work in the first place. People work to get paid, so naturally an underpaid employee would want to find another job that pays better if they are not satisfied with their current salary.

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Lacking Motivation: Motivation is the psychological factor that drives and encourages an employee to work hard to achieve desired goals. Motivation is the main driving force thus it’s only proper that employees get motivated from time to time be it through monetary means or not. The passion to work hard is very important. That is what motivation provides best.

Lack of Proper Management: Management is very important when it comes to employee retention Poor or improper management is another factor as to why an employee might want to leave. Managers don’t need to be strict at all times, there are some situations that requires politeness. Its absolutely necessary for managers to hear the voice of the employees, listen to their problems and help provide a better solution.

These are just common reasons as to why employees, there are other personal reasons as to why an employee might want to leave and go about looking for another job.

Retaining employees is hard, but its 3 times as expensive to have them replaced so it’s better to keep them.

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